Obstacles in Marketing Cycles

  • Echo chamber of info from existing customer feedback and behavior
  • Missing the Boat on ever changing customer expectations and behavior
  • Waiting on news cycles for “organic” opportunities
  • A lack of competitive insights
  • Difficulty aligning internal teams on important ideas and behavior
  • No real validation of assumptions.... Opinion-lead key decisions


Fundamentally Elevate Your Marketing Intelligence

  • Control and create the news as a thought leader with the help of a proven team
  • Become a trusted source of ongoing industry-valued trends and data
  • Always have a fresh snapshot of customer sentiment, expectations and behavior
  • Gain unique competitive insights
  • Align internal teams, strategies and goals on a common set of data and insights
  • Challenge and validate theories and assumptions with data
  • Engage an unbiased, representative sample of consumers

How DIG Works

Dig.Works leverages a network of audiences, with hundreds of thousands of potential respondents, to conduct blind surveys to better understand potential consumer behavior and audience sentiment. Our methodology includes multiple levels of authentication to verify sample validity, getting you the credible results you need.


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